The mission of Horizons Stewardship is

inspiring generosity and growing disciples

so every church can fulfill its God-given vision.

Horizons - Our History

Our History

Horizons began with the vision of Clif Christopher. Working and talking with colleagues while in pastoral ministry, Clif realized that many churches wanting to fulfill God’s unique vision for them struggled because they didn’t have the tools to reach the potential of their congregation’s call to generosity. So, in 1992, Horizons was founded with nothing more than a small storefront office, one employee, a Daisy-wheel printer and a deep abiding passion to inspire generosity and make disciples in every church we served.


Our Journey

Our reputation spread quickly and Clif, along with his growing team, began assisting churches beyond the original regional and denominational boundaries. At Horizons we grew steadily, remaining true to the values and quality of our work. Then, and now, Horizons only hires highly-trained and gifted individuals who bring value and expertise to our family. Never once have we been sold to a group of investors nor have we ever had to borrow money.

Horizons - Who We Are Today - Hands with Sprout

Who We Are Today

Today, our multi-denominational team of over 25 ministry strategists and support staff provides a full range of services. Our diverse team of strategists continues to work alongside churches seeking to fulfill God’s unique vision, raising billions of dollars for Christian causes. Through it all, our mission to inspire generosity and make disciples continues to expand across the nation and the world.

Learn Practical Strategies to Encourage Generosity

The mission of Horizons Stewardship is to

Inspire Generosity

and Grow Disciples

understanding our mission

We fulfill our mission by helping people grow in gratitude, prayer and faith as they seek God on a path toward generosity. As people in your church seek God’s guidance in their giving, we partner with you, laying the spiritual foundation for a successful stewardship strategy. We see ourselves as faithraisers and not just fundraisers. Just imagine your congregation experiencing new levels of spiritual growth and generosity that allow you to fund God’s unique vision and calling for your ministry. From the first visit to the last, we consider partnering with you our ministry and our privilege.

Horizons Stewardship believes that generosity is grounded in gratitude, revealed in prayer, and lived in faith.

Revealed in Prayer

Horizons Stewardship Church Financial Campaigns - woman in prayer 2

As grateful recipients of God’s gifts, we believe it is essential to seek guidance in the use of resources God has entrusted to our care. The second step in the stewardship journey is to invite God into the conversation. Trusting that God’s plan is better than our own, we believe that prayerful discernment is an essential element in the stewardship process.

Grounded in Gratitude

Horizons - Grounded in Gratitude Cross

Understanding that all we have and all we are has been given to us by our creator is the first step in the journey. To realize that God has blessed us with our bodies, our intellect, our relationships and our own unique set of gifts opens our minds and hearts to gratitude. To know we are not self-made but God-made, inspires a sense of thankfulness for all of life’s blessings and a deep desire to express our gratitude.

Lived in Faith

Horizons Stewardship Church Financial Campaigns - Missions repair

We are made in the image of an abundantly generous God; therefore, giving is inherent from our birth. The last, most challenging, step of the journey is to faithfully live out what God has revealed to us in prayer. As is often the case, God asks us to do more, give more and be more than we ever imagined ourselves. The stewardship journey is an invitation to a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God and a blessing to us as Christ’s disciples.

see what others are saying about

Horizons Stewardship

  • If I were a pastor today, I would want Horizons assisting me.

    Bill Easum Founding Partner, The Effective Church Group
  • The most positive and uplifting campaign the church has ever conducted certainly had everything to do with the Horizons' experience, organization and leadership.

    Dan Miller United Methodist Pastor
  • We intend on using Horizons again and again and again.

    Dr. Marck Gibson Southern Baptist Pastor
  • Horizons has been our "go to" resource for all things stewardship related. They really understand and strongly convey the role that vision and spiritual grounding plays in driving stewardship in local congregations.

    Stan Copeland United Methodist Pastor
  • The bedrock of the campaign was prayer and thankfulness to God...Instead of focusing on scarcity we are [now] able to see God's abundant provision.

    Rev. Anne C. S. Marshall Presbyterian Minister
  • The whole process was fast paced, upbeat, and exciting! I highly recommend Horizons!

    The Rev. James K. Polk Van Zandt Episcopal Priest
  • We were able to raise the largest single pledge in our church's 152 year history. The quality of the process was outstanding, and the leadership superb.

    Dr. Bruce Tippit Baptist Senior Pastor
  • We appreciated that [Horizons] took the time to learn who we are and God's vision for our church before recommending strategies! I am very thankful to have someone help us process our vision who gets it! I think we have found a partner with your team for years to come.

    Rick Bezet Lead Pastor

Our Team

The Horizons Team is a diverse blend of pastors, business leaders, nationally recognized speakers, worship leaders, former heads of foundations, church leaders and published authors.  We are made up of individuals from seven different Christian traditions who live across different regions of our nation and world. Together, we guide people in discovering the powerful Christian principles of gratitude, prayer, and faith. Explore our unique and dedicated team by clicking on the image below.

Our Partnerships

As part of our ongoing mission of
Inspiring Generosity and Growing Disciples,
Horizons has built special working
relationships with the following outstanding organizations.

Our Brands

The Charis Group - Brand
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